Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The parable of the Monk, the tiger and the strawberry

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A monk is tearing through a forest, panting, pounding through the undergrowth, pursued by a magnificent tiger. The tiger is gaining on the saffron robed monk - the monk burst out into a clearing, runs faster and suddenly screeches to a halt as he realizes that there is an abyss ahead.

The choice? A leap into the openness, or savaged by a tiger. And in that moment, the monk sees a strawberry plant, bearing the most perfect, ripe strawberry. And in that moment, only the strawberry exists, as the monk stretches down to pick and taste it.

Here of course the story ends and we never know the eventual fate of the monk, we just now that he decided to live in that moment of the strawberry. So my question to you is - Where did you find and pick your strawberries today?

After hearing this story from a very good work friend today (we were sitting at these tables during our "meeting", sorry, coffee break), strawberries seemed to be positively bursting out of a grey, stressful, tiring day.

I had lunch with a friend and gossiped away, enjoying our laughter. My project leader turned up and helped me finish a problem. I got home and found 2 RABCKs, plus a book and chocolate from my sister in law. (see below). And slowly, I learn to live in the moment.

The moral of this parable? My friends, we should go and seek out those strawberries and maybe our tigers will get distracted and go away!

Tags: friends, happy, work, writing

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