Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The real (Uethlihof) Beehive

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Just a week left before we leave the Uetlihof and the mad packing in the office continues - except for me! My stuff is organised and it really will just take me a hour to put it into boxes!! My boss isn't convinced....More snapshots to follow over the next week.

Anyway, it was beautiful, so I took the opportunity to sit outside in the gardens surrounding the building, eat my salad and listen to a podcast.

In other exciting news, I discovered that the Sihlcity Credit Suisse Branch has a coin deposit gadget. You log in, tell it you want to deposit coins and this drawer opens. You bung in ALL OF YOUR COINS and it magically counts them, chuntering away and then gives you a total. I saved 144 chf from my spare change, although admittedly over months!

But it beats the Post Office version, which consists of sorting the coins into piles, counting them into piles of 50, then wrapping in the special swiss wrappy way - which is very time consuming and fiddly - and they usually all escape out of the coin roll.

So, all in all, a good day. Look how little it takes to make me happy: a beehive, lunch outside and a coin counting gadget.
Tags: odds and sods, work

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