Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

End of the week

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Friday was a productive day at work, got a lot of stuff cleared up. Plus a workshop that I had arranged for some department heads went off very well. I like the feeling that you get when you check your pending mails and to do list and can tick lots of things off.

I am still struggling with how to balance work, voluntary work commitments outside work, friends, family. I have a feeling that I should be cutting down a lot and stressing less, focussing more on me and my health. Mr.ncot is quite tough about it - he says that whatever decisions I make, I should just stop complaining and moaning. On the one hand I sign up to lots of extra jobs and responsibilties and 80% of the time I enjoy what I do and the time I spend. On the other hand, I sometimes wonder why I fit it all in and whether I am just stressing myself out unnecessarily. Hmmm... Will be considering this further.

The snapshot today is the esclator shaft seen from floor 7.

Tags: done, health, work

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