Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The catching up game

I seem to be stuck in a pattern of blogging furiously on a Sunday to catch up with the previous week. My legendary stubborness means that I don't want to give up on my "blog each day and post a snapshot each day" challenge - but at the moment, I don't feel as though I am really writing anything worth reading... however, I will keep on, and hope that my writing spirit returns soon.

There's lots going on at work, but I don't feel as though I can write about it. Let's just say that there are changes and decisions made which I don't agree with. On the other hand, it's the summer holidays, lots of people are away and there is a slightly more relaxed feeling about work. I hope things will get better. And in my personal life, I am waiting each month for something to happen, or not happen. And it hasn't yet... I seem to be playing a waiting game and patience was never my strong point.

We have a few long weekends planned, but have no time to take a joint holiday together this year :-( We'll take some time off over Christmas and hope to do a proper holiday next year.

Anyway, as for today, we went to Imagine for brunch, which started the day off well for me :-)

In the meantime, here are the one sentence blogs for last week
Mon 28th: Start the week with fake flowers
Tues 29th: Old Timer Tram
Weds 30th: Paradeplatz portrait
Thurs 31th: Thursday is the new Friday
Fri 1st: Nationaltag
Sat 2nd: Slobby Saturday
Tags: family, pb, work

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