Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Time to catch up...

At least three friends have emailed in the last week, to check if I'm okay, since my blogging has dropped off :-)

I am still here, still busy and today I will attempt to catch up with photos and blogs for the past ten days.

In the interests of compromise, I will catch up each day, but will use the one sentence a day method, which I think is self explanatory :-)

Thurs 17th: Signs of home
Fri 18th: Signs of swiss home in London
Sat 19th: Vrouwe Alberdina - newest member of the Palmer family
Sun 20th: Drew finally gets his cross stich!
Mon 21st: What is Success?
Tues 22nd: Seeing Spots
Weds 23rd: Summer in the City
Thurs 24th: Leaving the Beehive
Fri 25th: Inspirational graffiti
Sat 26th: Saturday in the city

The snapshot of the day celebrate the fact that I finally cleaned the bathroom today :-)
Tags: lj, odds and sods

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