Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Basel, Birthday & Hot Thread!

My post on fast readers made it to No. 2 on hot threads, which got me ridiculously over-excited!
It was great to meet so many German, Austrian and Swiss Bookcrossers at the Basel Meetup on May 6th - my photos are here! I released 5 books, but then bought 2 from the Bookfair, caught 3 from other bookcrossers, and bought 11 from the Basel Buecher-Brocky!!
My Birthday (May 7th) started with a bang - Thanks to KatColorado for the Birthday chocolate and champagne which was consumed on the train home after the Meetup in Basel!

Thanks to Moem and Rarsberry for helping me with the html code for my profile!
Tags: birthday, bxing, preblog
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