Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Der Fruehling ist da Spring has arrived!

Zurich is sunny and spring like this week! I got my first catch this week, saw the release alert, rushed to the Hauptbahnhof, and found The Trouble with Single Women waiting for me (courtesy of KatColorado !) All my bookrings are travelling nicely, and I've just opened my first German bookring Wunde Punkte. I also did my first trade this week, Ballet Shoes for Anna went to Lyzzybee in the UK and in return I got Playing Away by Adele Parks, very exciting :-)

Thanks to KML, Aussie-Rose & lazydaisy0413 who all helped me figure out how to sort out a mistaken release alert. Thanks also to cliff1976 who sorted out a technical problem on my bookshelf, one book appearing 4 times!
Tags: bxing, preblog

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