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Guildhouses and work politics

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This evening I met a colleague for dinner and drinks - we have been working together on an internal women's forum at work, but this is the first time we've met outside of the bank. We had one of those really excellent evenings where you discuss work, politics, balancing life and work and everything! I found her perspective really helpful, she's older and more senior to me.

We discussed the PIE model - Performance, Image, Exposure - and guess which slice of the piece is least important in gaining success? Yes, surprisingly, performance. Image and exposure are much more important. I think I need to work on how I present myself and to what end effect.

The photo for today - the arches under the guildhouses along the Limmatquai - seems to fit the topic. Guilds have always been about work politics - protecting their members, their services and fees - whilst maintaining an entry structure to keep unqualified outsiders out! Work today is still about that. The camel sign, by the way, is the symbol of the Food merchants and Wine transporters guild - the "Zunft zum Kämbel", established in 1336, along with the other 12 original guilds of Zurich. More info about the history of Zürich's guilds.

I feel inspired and will bounce into work tomorrow with a spring in my step.
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