Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Double Bass graffiti

Saw this sticker graffiti this morning on my way to work and it made me smile and think of my sister Kate, aka katethebass!

Today has been mostly full of phone calls and emails, but I had two really positive highs:

1. A long phone call with my Business School colleague in Singapore about my project (the reason I was in Singapore in January this year) - we finally got a chance to catch up, talk through all the feedback, results and next steps. I am so proud of us. The project went brilliantly, she did a fab job and I now realise how much I contributed to this, through coaching her from a distance!

2. Met a colleague for coffee this afternoon - we met up at the Networking event on Tuesday and got on really well. We started talking about time management (I'm giving a course next Monday) and then I realised that I can help her with a project that she has and win brownie points. Hurrah to the power of networking!

Oh, and 3. Had a great chat with Sal this evening - really looking forward to the South Africa trip in June!
Tags: friends, katethebass, work

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