Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Inspirational Training

This evening I went to an absolutely fabulous internal cs event organised by the women's forum, which I am part of. The title was "Sich positionieren: Tipps und Tricks", which roughly translates as "How to position yourself." and the event was delivered by Annette Isenschmid of Isenschmid Consulting. Oh, and it was in this building, the St Peter Forum, close to Paradeplatz.

The workshop was clearly targeted to a female audience and contained no new content as such, but it was brilliant! She had a really good balance of theory and input and created a rich, learning environment. We learnt about speech patterns, body language and how to be assertive! It felt so empowering, all these interesting women - talking, networking, giving each other feedback! Most of this I knew, but nothing beats the right trainer, the right context and the right people giving you feedback. We practised our elevator speech, describing ourselves and our projects, our work portfolio. And then we realised how hard it was to do this without unconsciously belittling ourselves - "It's just a small project... I don't have a banking background really... I helped set up this office... I need to improve my German..." - We practised until we could just assertively and accurately descrive ourselves.

And after that I rushed straight onto PWG to do some more networking!

Today I had a few flashes of "I like working for a big company, I like the hustle and bustle, I should really learn to appreciate my job" :-)
Tags: learning&development, pwg, self_reflection, work

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