Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

One week anniversary!

To celebrate one week with bookcrossers, I'm starting a bookring for Beyond Chocolate - understanding Swiss culture: Margaret Oertig Davidson. See below for details. The book is a fascinating look into multi-faceted Swiss society and culture, and is full of stories and examples. Well written and well worth a read!

Welcome to Give-me-a-break who borrowed a book from me for our next Zurich bookgroup, and was then 'persuaded' to join up ;-) Welcome and thanks to Layaali who is my first 'catch' out of only 9 wild releases! Didn't expect a catch so soon...Thanks also to CaffCaff, LoveTeaAndBooks & Dancing-dog who all sent me lovely PMs this week about my profile or screen name :-)
Tags: bxing, preblog

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