Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Feeling loved on my Birthday

My goodness, do I feel loved and connected on my Birthday - and I was worried that I would be miserable because mr.ncot wasn't here - I hardly miss him :-)

I have just got home from drinks and meal with 2 good girlfriends in Zurich - we had a blast, talking about London, networking, getting stuck in lifts, what dogs should be like, fainting in front of the boss, getting locked in or locked out of buildings and how to get other people to pay for your meal (I forgot my purse, not deliberately!) and other nonsense. Thanks Polly and Jill :-)

2008_05_07 Present time
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I had a hand delivered package in my mailbox, a "real" birthday card in the mail, 9 voicemails on the machine, chatted with my mum, 2 Birthday emails, 3 e-cards, 5 facebooks or messages, 3 Lj posts (including a stripy cake from beebarf and some stripy somethings from elhamisabel) and I feel very virtually connected. HURRAH! Isn't it amazing? People I have *never* met in real life have sent me messages - I love the internet. Long may it reign.

Birthday Poppies
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At work today, a friend bought me 4 wild poppies in a vase and my team gave me a book and card. I bought cakes and fruit for mid afternoon.

And now I am going to open my cards, have a nice glass of wine and then a long soak in the bath.
Tags: birthday, family, friends, happy, lj, mr.ncot
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