Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Wow, what is it?

Kate's 30th Birthday weekend was FANTASTIC! People turned up at various times during the weekend, in total there were 10 of us - a mixture of family and friends. We had 3 cottages. Friday night was mostly eating and drinking.

Saturday Sally went for a 30km run in training for the Comrades. I managed 5km with her, then turned back. The rest of us then walked the very tall hill behind the cottages. And we all got a little bit sunburnt.

Jenn had made the birthday cake and brought decorations, I bought champagne, plus the present and Sal bought the card. We set up our cottage living room and we then surprise Kate! She didn't want presents from her friends, but we clubbed together and bought her an ipod nano - and she was delighted! Saturday evening was more drinking, eating and the present swap game. Very funny....

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Tags: family, friends, uk

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