Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

UK Trip Round Up

Aunty Helen with Drew
Originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea
My UK Trip was fab. Here are my blog entries and photos - it has only taken me all Sunday to update these, but hey, it's worth it!

Friday 25th April: Greenwich
Sat 26th: Kate's 30th Birthday Weekend, Hope Valley
Sun 27th: Hope Valley, then Manchester
Mon 28th: Manchester, then Dovedale for Drew's Naming Ceremony
Tues 29th: Day in Derby with Jenn and Drew
Weds 30th: Travel to London, visit Anna and Becs, to Sal's for night
Thurs 1st: Travel home to Zurich

Kate's 30th Birthday Weekend
Drew's Naming Ceremony
Completed cross stitch project, stitched slowly with love!
London Photos
Tags: family, friends, travel
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