Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

In the Valley of Elah

This is a wonderful film, but tough to watch.

It is genuinely moving, with wonderful performances by Charlie Thezon and Tommy Lee Jones. It's about the Iraqi war and how that experience changes everything, specifically the behaviour of tropps. Mark Kermode calls it a moral mystery, and describest it as thought provoking, mournful, elegaic. The story is pieced together as the father, Tommy Lee Jones, receives videos from the son's camera phone. And slowly, slowly, the truth is revealed.

I found it interesting that it also reflected on the rise of the citizen journalist - we all take photos, videos, blog on our own lives and how this intersects with a bigger truth. At times it was almost unbearably sad, especially the grief of the Mother, played by Susan Sarandong.

Mark Lemonde's Review

Film's website
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