Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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On Book Addictions, and other Saturday matters

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Another book binge - this time chicklit - 3 favourite Chick lit authors after Marian Keyes - Cathy Kelly, Jane Green and Freya North :-)

I swear to you all I went into Orell Füssli (biggest english bookshop in Zurich, but small and v. expensive by blighty standards) saying to myself - I have a 20 Franc discount voucher, I can justifying buying one book. So how did I manage to buy 4? I think I am a little addicted, but there are worse addictive conditions, I'm sure.

On that theme, I have scanned my favourite book postcard... Translated it says "Reading? It's okay for one or two years, but then you'll be addicted" Okay, so it doesn't sound as good in English!!

I have managed to go to the post office today on 4 separate occasions and spend rather a lot of money - If I had a brain, I would be *far* more efficient and possibly dangerous, to quote my Dad :-) But 3 of the 4 parcels are nice surprises for people, so that's a good reason to treck to the Post Office.

Also met a PWG friend to plan the Networker magazine for May and July. I have so much writing to do this weekend, it's just not true. And this evening, mr.ncot and I are going to the flicks to see "In the Valley of Elah" I will report back tomorrow. That is all.
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