Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Running with Sal | ? 37.14 (?5.47 km)

My best mate Sal features highly in my running story :-) Today we went running together for the first time in years - since she lives in London and I live in Zurich!

She is staying for a few days and so we met up today at lunchtime. She is training for the Comrades 90K Ultramarathon in June (a double marathon) and I am her official no. 1 fan :-)

At the moment she is running about 60k a week, so our 5k today was a mere drop in the ocean.... But it was ace to run with her again!

Distance: 5.47 km
Time: 37.14 min
Pace: 6.48 min/km
Tags: friends, running

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