Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

PB Operations Pashmina!

And it turned out to be a lovely pale blue pashmina, which is now gracing the back of my chair!

Today I cleared up lots of loose ends, prepared my PowerPoint course for Monday, then had to cancel my course for Monday, since I only had 3 people on the list! Stayed quite late, but feel that I am getting through my work at the moment. Haven't made my steps total today, but I am just TOO tired.

This weekend I have to get a grip at home - there are a bills to be paid, washing to be washed, ironing to be ironed, lots of tasks to be done for PWG, I want to go shopping for me (sports bras, long sleeve running tshirts and perhaps some clothes for work) and in between all that I need to have some time to chill. And have some time with mr.ncot. Oh, and go running, swimming and yoga :-)

As you can tell, I find it hard to find the right balance between doing and being. When I do too much, I feel annoyed that I haven't had time to relax. When I just be, I feel guilty that I am not a whirl of doing. Another life puzzle to solve :-)
Tags: *to do, work

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