Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

International Bookray --> Join Me: Danny Wallace

For all you LJ Bookcrossers, here's my latest bookray!

PM me or reply here to play, normal rules apply
:-) INTERNATIONAL!! Please be prepared to ship anywhere, although I will change the running order to accommodate requests!
:-) Journal on receipt
:-) Try and read and pass on within a month, otherwise journal again to keep us all informed
:-) Enjoy book whilst drinking a nice cup of tea!

This is such a fantastic and funny book! Join Me Website

Danny Wallace writes engagingly and with honesty. The impetus for his "Join Me" Cult, sorry collective, is the death of his swiss great-uncle Gallus. After the war, Gallus had tried to form a collective of people to live and work on his farm, but only managed to find 3 people, and shortly afterwards gave up the attempt. Danny decides to do something similar, in his Great uncles' memory, and advertises in Loot for people to join him. This is the story of what happened, very funny, very honest. If you like Dave Gormon's books, you'll like this :-)
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