Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Rough Wednesday

After a busy and successful day yesterday, I hit a bit of a low today. I find that my jetlag hits me worst in the mornings - I feel PANTS! We had a meeting at 8 in a huge skyscraper, but couldn't find the right floor, so seriously spent 30 minutes riding the escalators and confusing the security staff. Then the business school office was crowded and really NOISY! Then the planned conference call didn't take place as planned. Then we had lunch out with the CoE, which was grand, but again noisy and chaotic. I realise that when I feel bit below par, high noise levels really stress me out!

The main problem is that we are designing a 2 week onboarding program for new staff and business are supposed to deliver the learning objectives, content and trainers. Which of course they aren't doing. So we are having to fill in the gaps. We worked from a hotel conference room this afternoon, just to get some peace. But I gave into the jetlag and slept for an hour and a half :-)

I keep reminding myself that chaos, uncertainty and panic are normal in projects and that you just have to keep the faith, hold on and keep working - however, I hope that tomorrow will be a more productive day!

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Tags: singapore, work

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