Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Livejournal commitment

I think I have just about caught up on all the writing and posts and photos for livejournal. At last count, 21 posts and 118 photos uploaded to flickr this last week. Me, competitive?!

It's strange - in a way I create my own tension, in that I have an outstanding topics that I want to write about, and feel determined to complete them. And yet when I know that my blog is up to date, I feel good, clean, as though my virtual life is in order and is supporting me in my concrete life. Plus I feel sad when I see months in LJ (Nov, Dec last year) when there are hardly any entries. I know then that I have lost the plot, that I have no space or time to unfold my personal dramas and make sense of them. Does anyone else feel like this? Or am I alone? Plus I like looking back at my blogs and reflecting on my life and decisions.

As I wrote in my post on resolutions for 2008 I am committing to writing each day in my blog. I cross post the links to blog365.com I blame beebarf for this, since she suggested it in a post!)

Why I am doing this? Because when I write regularly I feel better. I want to create small, interesting, pieces of writing. Less "this is what I did today" and more "why did I do that today and how do I feel"! I know that writing regularly helps me keep in balance. It helps me be more than just my job. It connects me to my online networks and I will comment on my friend's journals more often :-)
Tags: lj, writing

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