Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Time is running backwards! December Roundup

Whilst I am determined to catch up on all my posts before going back to work next Monday, I am aware that it's a bit disconcerting to be back in December 2007 - so sorry!

Anyway, here are my December snapshots...

And the highlights? Other than baby drew? (More photos of him here, by the way!)

Last business trip to Wroclaw and giving some especially good but challenging trainings.

Finally saying goodbye to my old Olympus digital (which I've had 4.5 years) and getting a new one, with video plus sound! Needed for taking baby photos and videos :-)

Getting a promotion at work, to AVP (assistant vice president) which actually just means that I now have the legal power to sign things for the company and am part of "middle management", whatever that means. More work, but no extra money I suspect! The flower was part of a beautiful bouquet I was given - More photos here

Introducing the iPod Palmer Family - from left to right:

BabyBob, my present to Alan - the original Bob the iPod, and BigBob, Alan's present to me....

Tags: christmas, family, gadgetgirl, poland, work

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