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November Round Up

November Mosaic
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Here is the update for November:

- Holiday in Thailand was wonderful. Photos will follow when I get my camera repaired (can't download the photos from the cards at the moment)
- We have a new sideboard and mirror in our hallway, so all our shoes are now cunningly hidden
- All my travelling has paid off and I now have a frequent flyer card which lets me bring more luggage and use the business lounge - hurrah!
- Still waiting for C+J's baby to turn up - it was due last Tues, Nov. 20th - just as well since their cross stitch is nowhere near finished, in fact it is hardly even started :-)
- I was in Poland for a week (Nov 12-16) and will be going back again the first week in December
- Mr. ncot and I went to the cinema on Friday at Sihlcity and saw "Lions and Lambs" - highly recommended
- I got my stool reupholstered and its lovely - bright red

Today I am doing as little as possible - this is the first Sunday in ages that I haven't gone into work! I may have another international project starting in January - watch this space. Will go to yoga this evening for the first time in months.

Coming up in November/start of December - birth of baby Pip Palmer, yoga weekend, trip back to the UK and another week in Poland.

Tags: family, films, poland, work

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