Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Hello from Thailand

Hello all! *waves from thailand*
a quick summary so far..

Bangkok - hot, noisy, smelly, chaotic but fun. Highlight: Shopping and getting suits made
Golden Triangle - Cooler, higher, green. Highlight: Elephant ride in the jungle
Phuket - hot! expensive. Gorgeous hotel. Jus got here yesterday, so no highlight yet!

It took us a while to settle into the holiday, but we are in the swing now. Today will be spent reading by the pool and investigating the spa :-) And as you can see, I have been bookcrossing as well! Mr.ncot and I have had lots of time to talk and laugh and chill, so we are happy bunnies and life is good. And now I am stepping away from the computer...
Tags: bxing, mr.ncot, travel

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