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The Tale of the Planet Suit

Planet Suit
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Yesterday I had a revelation. In my wardrobe I have my "best suit". It is a planet suit. It was an expensive purchase when I bought it in London, several years ago. Actually I think it was quite a long time ago :-) When I bought it, it just about fit - it is a size 10.

For years it has hung in my wardrobe, revered as the "best suit". It is a lovely colour and is made out of a lovely material. The trouble is, I HAVE NEVER WORN IT. I have worn the trousers once I think, but never the whole suit. And through at least 3 moves of flat and wardrobe, I have never once considered letting it go. It is my "best suit", remember? It hangs there, waiting for me to lose weight and fit into its size 10 frame.

Yesterday, I had (for me) a series of pretty startling revelations:
a) It is fairly unlikely that I will ever fit into the suit. If I haven't achieved this goal in over 5 years, it's not likely to happen in the next year or so.
b) It is taking up space in my wardrobe and in my psyche and I have NEVER WORN IT!
c) Although I love the suit, the style is now pretty dated. I never noticed this before. But that's what happens when a suit hides in your wardrobe!
d) I suddenly realised that I was okay with getting rid of said suit. It has no power over me any longer.

If and when I lose weight, or even if I don't, I can decide to buy myself another "best suit".

And then coincidentally I stumbled across the Happiness Project blog and in particular this post.

The quote "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" (Aristotle) seems to me to be fitting here. I have been beating myself up with this platonic, perfect image of a suit, which doesn't fit me, now doesn't suit me and which has been taking up space in my life. How much better to accept "the good", get rid of the "perfect" suit, buy a less expensive but trendy one from Esprit and just MOVE ON!

I feel a lot better, here ends my sermon :-)
Tags: happy, odds and sods, quotes, self_reflection, weight

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