Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Feeling VERY sorry for myself

1. Despite the recent op, totm pain is back and it's back big style. PAIN PAIN PAIN

2. Had a hormone injection yesterday to stop my periods and send me into a mini menopause (related to the op I had recently for my endometriosis)

3. Injection was at 8am yesterday. By 12pm I had bright red itchy ears, thought "that's strange"

4. By 1pm I had itchy and red palms, thought "that's strange"

5. By 6pm (in bar in town - hostess of thank you apero for everyone who had helped us with Poland project) feeling very hot and itchy. Though "that's strange"

You'll notice at this point, that I'm not very quick on the uptake...

6. Get home at 8pm. Complain to A. and get ready for bed. Mr.ncot takes one look at my bright red chest, back, arms and torso and rings gynae guy, who says we should go straight to A&E. I protest and make Alan eat supper. By 8.30 feeling very rough, so capitulate!

We stayed in A&E until midnight. I had various cortisone and antihistamine injections and the reaction starts moving in the right direction. Have dreadful headache, neck ache, limbs are aching and talking / keeping eyes open is a real struggle. But am pronounced fit to leave and we go home.

Now feeling tired, really aching eyes, headache, earache, sore throat and period pain and ITCHING. Think I will stay in bed today and try to sleep it off.

< moan > MOAN, MOAN, WHINGE, SYMPATHY, MOAN :-( < /moan >
Tags: health, pb, rants, work
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