Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Stripy pyjamas

How to sleep happy? Wear stripy pyjamas :-) And then wear your swiss slippers when you get up!

In other news.... today has been mostly spent mooching, emailing, clearing up and generally getting organised. I also discover that one of my guilty pleasures is having a great big bubbly bath in the middle of the day, whilst listening to podcasts :-) Tonight mr.ncot and I are going to a Thai restaurant in Zurich, to get ourselves ready for our holiday! And my mum wrote me a lovely email to say that she had rediscovered my blog!

Just been on the internet and going into ‘my favourites’ I noticed your ‘Blog’ so have spent a ‘silly half hour catching up on your news’!! I even found the cuppa tea /grandma picture postcard, and the comments I wrote back to you (did I really write so well???) Gave me another giggle and a great warm huggy feeling………Should be clearing up the kitchen, having just made lemon marmalade and some flapjacks, but it was much nicer reading your blog. Must remember it’s there and read it more often.
Tags: family, mr.ncot, stripy

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