Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Life in the Beehive

I like my employer and I like my work, but sometimes the environment here is somewhat challenging...

The building holds 5,500 people and is split up into "Waben" (German word for a cell in a beehive - and infact the building looks like a beehive as well, it tesselates - but I digress). So my top grievances are as follows:
< rant >
1. People who wait until they get RIGHT TO THE BARRIER to start looking for their ID card which opens the gate. "Why does the barrier come as such a suprise to you? Every time!"

2. Walking to the internal post office. This is hidden away on level 6, deep, deep underground. No natural light. You have to play "dodge the forklift" truck as you walk along and I got really lost today :-(

3. There is no escape from people. You would think that with some many thousands of people in one place, that everyone would be a stranger. Today, in the 5 minutes it took me to walk back to my desk after lunch, I saw at least 10 people I knew. Some I wanted to see, some I didn't :-(
< /rant >
Tags: rants, work

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