Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Working from home - Part 2

This morning I thought I had it sussed.

7.30 get up, switch on coffee machine, swtich on both laptops (personal and work), start running bath
7.40 Check work emails and reply to one of my boss's email, so that he "knows" I've started working :-)
7.45 Turn off bath - deep blue lush bath, nice smelling - and think, I'll just go and have brekkie
7.50 Eat breakfast, cup of coffee in hand, sitting in jimjams thinking, ah, I can have a lovely long relaxing bath and then start work at about 9 ...
7.51 Builder arrives (unexpectedly) to finish repairs to faulty bath
7.52 Drain the lovely, hot, sweet smelling bath
7.53 Throw some clothes on, then stomp round flat in bad mood :-(

He's here until midday probably and since then I have had 2 work phone calls and a few urgent emails. This is NOT how I intended my day to go. Maybe I'll postpone the bath until lunchtime? :-)
Tags: rants, work

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