Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The Halfway Mark

Today marks exactly halfway through the year. This means it has been time for me to stop and assess how my goals for the year have been going (as I note it has been for mhchipmunk as well). So I thought I'd ask you all how you are going. What has 2007 brought for you so far? What changes would you like to make? If you have any goals how are they progressing?

Okay, so mid September cannot really be said to be halfway through the year, but I really wanted to write this homework. This last week has given me a space to pause and reflect. Mostly because I have been stuck in my bed, but also because I have physically had to stop working. It has given me some distance to reflect on work and life in 2007.

Here are the goals I set at the beginning of the year:
- Actively learn to manage my stress levels
- Manage my life style
- Actively increase fitness & Health
- Take good care of myself
- Reward myself
- Cultivate Relationships

I find it interesting that I didn't have a work related goal on the list, but that in fact this year so far has been mostly about meeting work goals. For example, I got a permanent contract, have a promotion in the pending and successfully completed the first stage of the Poland project. The time spent in meeting these work goals has to some extent prevented me from working on my personal goals. Funny how these things happen. Although looking back I think that my successes at work this year have built me a strong foundation at CS.

Stress levels: I don't think I have actively reduced my stress levels, but I think that I am more aware of my stress now and realise that a lot of it is self generated. Next Step? Make conscious decisions that support me, ie leaving work early

Manage Life style: I'm still going to bed too late, I find that I have a burst of energy later at night. Need to work on winding down sooner. However, I have been getting up early consistently - mostly 6am. Alcohol? Hmm, still drinking too much, in the sense that I use a glass of red wine as a necessary tool for me to unwind. Next Steps? Try to make bedtime earlier and work hard on cutting down on alcohol - i.e. not drinking at home during the week.

Fitness and health: Re-reading my journal, I realise that since May I have been writing that I will lose weight and get fit. And it just hasn't happened. I blame my workalcoholism. I know what I need to do - drink more water, less tea, eat better, count calories, exercise. Next Steps: aim for baby steps, but build more yoga, swimming and then running, gym into week. I need to consciously make time for this, because this helps me balance my life and keep the stress in control.

Take good care of myself: Managed to achieve nothing on this list :-( However, I did get back to the gynae, have now found a new fertility specialist, had my operation. Next Steps: Find an acupuncturist

Reward myself: Have done okay here, am spending more time getting regular treatments. I need to learn that I can take more time for myself, just to do nothing!

Cultivate Relationships: Doing okay on this goal - have been slowly getting in contact with more friends. I realise that when I am feeling stressed, I don't feel like being in contact with people, family or friends. This is an important warning sign for me. Need to spend more time with friends in Zurich this autumn - Kat, Al, Allison, Polly - they have been neglected this summer

Overall result? Doing okay... room for improvement ... but looking forward to the challenges of the autumn!

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