Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Grateful for my friends!

Yesterday and Saturday I felt particularly blessed by my friends.

1. Had a long chat on Skype on Saturday with G. Uncle, Godfather and very cool dude! He's also recuperating, so we compared health and our nursing staff! I'm thinking of G&S particularly since yesterday was 3 years since my cousin Michael died.

2. Friend and mentor J took me to Sprüngli for hot chocolate (divine!) and gossip. We managed to make the drink last 2 hours and mostly talked hair ;-) Actually that's not quite true, but I love the way that our conversations move easily from "girl" topics to business, to finance, to learning, to pwg and back to hair and boys again !!

3. Bestest mate Sal rang. Actually I have 2 bestest mates - Sal and Mags - and we have long since been called the Macbeth witches by Amit, Sal's hubbie. I count them as family (their emails go into the family folder!) But anyway, Sal is my inspiration in life. Small in height, blond, HUGE smile, big personality! She is a paediatrician in London, meets all of life's challenges head on and is never daunted. We had a great chat. We did the London Marathon together in 2001 and she is now preparing for the South Africa Comrades marathon (56 miles) in June next year. Mad woman. Myself and Amit will be her coach / Logistics / medical team!

4. Got an email from a new friend A. checking up on me, trying to fix a date for drinks or dinner when I'm feeling more human!
Tags: family, friends, thymeoff

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