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We KNOW you're out there!

Give us an update!

LiveJournal has been really quiet for many of us lately. Summer has a tendency to do that. I thought maybe a simple set of prompts would give us all an excuse to catch up with each other. As usual, you may be as vague or as detailed as you want. With that:

1) What is your prevailing emotion lately? Happy, sad, bored, annoyed?
Happy, but a bit run down and tired

2) What is the focus of your daily activity?
This week I have a week off work, so am trying to get enough rest, read enough, eat sensibly and get back to exercise. The flat is a tip and I should be tidying up, but I'm not going to!

3) What is the focus of your thoughts?
I am trying to regroup after my busy summer in Poland (see question 4) and get ready to go out there again next week, whilst working out how to "let go" of my project. I am also preparing to go into hospital the first week of September.

4) Are you working on any projects, if so, what?
I have been in Poland most of July (back and forth) for the project that has been running since October. The work has been challenging, intensive, good fun, knackering and generally successful. I have got to know work colleagues better and feel good about what we have acheived there. I feel really run down though, completely exhausted and need some time to regroup, hence my holiday

5) What is your biggest annoyance right now?
How untidy and dirty the flat is, plus the fact that I have lots of small paperwork annoyances, letters, bills, that I haven't done. I hate it when my "system" breaks down :-)

6) What is your biggest saving grace?
Mr.ncot who keeps me sane and my ability to keep lists and check them off!

7) What is the silliest thing you've done in the last two weeks?
Painted my fingernails sparkly silver...

I have definitely needed the break from journalling, just because I have had so much going on, but am hoping to start writing a bit more regularly as life calms down!

And the final thing: SMILE! Literally...draw a smiley face in your journal, or find a smiley graphic to put in your entry. And then plant one on your face.

Remember: Journaling isn't the point. The point is your life and what is going on in it. Sometimes, journaling provides a portal, a window through which to see your life. Sometimes, that window gets foggy and isn't useful. If your journaling is an obstacle, put it away!
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