Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The balance of yoga

Since I have just been given a little nudge by my friend Jill, I thought I would update my blog with some positive news.

Despite a few weeks of pretty bad stress, tiredness and general nonsense, I did manage to persuade myself to go to a yoga workshop at the weekend. I was so tired, that one voice was telling me to stay home and relax, whilst the other voice was saying "it will be good for you and its okay to be a bit scared about it, you will meet people and it will be okay!" I am pleased to report that the second voice won, with the compromise that I arrived on Saturday morning rather than Friday evening.

It was held in Cousset, near Fribourg. And it was SO beautiful. Hot, sunny weather, a gorgeous Chateau and the most amazing gardens:

I learnt some valuable lessons along the way, not just about the yoga.
- I am good enough
- I should still my critical inner voice
- Yoga helps you to open up, and every now and again all your emotions rush out
- It's good for me to move away from my focus on the intellectual, brain work. Focussing on my physical self and abilities is difficult but necessary
- yoga isn't competitive, but helps me to focus on the strength that I do have
- I can nearly do a headstand without support
- Lots of my stress is self induced
- It's okay to cry

My yoga practice was okay and my poor little weak wrist also survived! I felt that I tried my best all weekend and although I am still a yoga baby, I am still improving. And as Yogi Jeff says, to gain from yoga, you do have to put the work in. It's not competitive, it's just important that you give all that you can to each pose. It was so inspiration being there. So many yoga students at different levels and it was lovely to see such beautiful, strong yoga being practised!

I feel tired today, but in a good "yoga-ed out, too many downward facing dogs" sort of a way....
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