Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Getting back into yoga

Today was a bank holiday in Switzerland and I have had a really relaxing day off :-)

It started with a one-to-one yoga lesson with Jeff at Yoganation, which was definitely worth the cost. I haven't been to yoga since before Christmas. Life and work has really got in the way. I was a bit wary of going back to a class, before knowing whether the wrist would hold out.

Jeff taught me a few adaptations for certain poses and this should help build the muscles in the forearm, which will also help the wrist heal. I had a really good lesson and felt very inspired, even when walking home in the drizzling rain. I like his style of yoga and his way of teaching. He is very precise and I can feel that I would get an excellent foundational knowledge of poses and alignment and techniques.

I have another private lesson booked for Sunday morning, then will start going to his beginner classes once or twice a week (Thursday evening and Sunday evening). I think I have to commit to yoga and build some space and balance into my life to accommodate it. It is a good antedote to my mad work schedule.
Tags: treats, yoga

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