Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Catching up!

My daily snapshots aren't very "daily" at the moment, but here's a quick round up of the last few weeks!
April 27th: Tools of the trade - preparing for my coaching session at work
May 2nd: Birthday cake! I went to Bristol for the weekend at the end of April and Mummy ncot baked me a wonderful chocolate birthday cake. It survived being checked at the airport and was enjoyed at work!^
May 3rd: Mondaine clock which I pass on the way to work
May 7th: Birthday! Spent in Ascona...
May 8th: My Birthday present at work - potatoes and rösti recipes!
May 9th: Stripy birthday present notebooks from the lovely elhamisabel - thank you :-)
May 13th: Stripy cd! I have spent today ripping cds onto my laptop, updating bookcrossing journals and generally pottering around in my little web world!
Tags: birthday, stripy

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