Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Leaving for the US of A

Well girls and boys, I'm off to Raleigh, North Carolina on Sunday for a week. I have't done any packing and in fact I have to buy a bigger suitcase tomorrow, plus presents for my colleagues over there.

I am still at work :-(

I have cleared my inbox, cleared my pending mail boxes, cleared my real intray and pending trays. I have copied all the files I need onto a memory stick and printed hard copies. I have been to two meetings and have sent goodness knows how many emails. To all intents and purposes, my work here is done. There are no tasks that will turn nasty when I'm away. Everything is "erledigt". Sorted.

You would think therefore, that I could now go home? Nicht wahr?

No. Why not? Because today is the deadline for our draft performance objectives. Call me a cynic, but I've never encountered a performance or objective setting system that actually motivated me or interested me. And I have to sit here now and think of 4 competency objectives and 4 performance objectives. To which I say B*ll*cks.

Anyway I may be checking lj sporadically, but will sign off now for a week.... I will update you on my cultural and cs travels when I get back.
Tags: rants, travel, work
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