Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Nice (virtual) cup of tea with my mum

I sent my Mum the original postcard, which I later scanned for the userpic of this post. I knew she would like it, since we always have to have a cup of tea when we talk on the phone. And today I got her email below. Very mum like, don't you think? But it made me smile and gave me a little glow inside

courtesy of "Mummy NCOT" and completely unedited!

Your card has just arrived…What a smasher!

I’ve just been trudging the Village doing parish mags and collecting money and the only people I met were ‘the oldies’ but I had some good chats.

Dad’s card arrived last week so is secreted away.

I’ve put the kettle on so I’ll go and have my cuppa, and look forward to being together very soon.

Hope your trip goes well

Much love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ps this doesn’t express the giggle and delight!

Tags: family, nice cup of tea, pp

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