Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Lost Souls

Submitted by anglersrest

Write about a time you have been lost. You can do this figuratively or literally. What was it like? What were you feeling at the time? Where and/or Why did it happen?

I got lost when I was five years old and can still remember the terror of it. I think that's why my sense of orientation and direction is still out off whack 28 years later :-)

We were on a family holiday, in a ferry sailing from Newcastle to Bergen, Norway. I was five, my brother 2.5 years and my sister a babe in arms. Our family volvo was one of the last cars to board the ferry. The car dock was cramped and dark and generally not pleasant and my parents wanted us to get out as soon as possible and to find our cabin. I remember my Mother telling me to follow the couple in front of us out of the car dock. So I did. It's just that I kept following them until they reached their cabin. I don't know how was more suprised. Me, to get to the cabin and then discover my family weren't right behind me. Or a middle aged norwegian couple to find a english small child with them.

Cue tears and hysterics (from me) and well meaning soothing norwegian noises. I can't remember how long it took, but eventually I was reunited with the family. I don't know what my parents went through in the intervening time, to have lost your 5 year old on a large passenger ferry can't be a pleasant experience. I do just know that my Mum yelled at me and was generally extremely cross. "I didn't mean you to follow them all the way to their cabin! Just out of the car part". I remember feeling the injustice of it. How was I to know how long to follow them for? Yes I was the eldest, but I was still only 5 :-) Overall I still clearly remember the absolute relief of being found, of knowing that I was back with my family, where I belonged.

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