Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

If I were famous...

Just a simple prompt this week. Take it in any direction you like.
If I could be famous, I would like to be…

"If I were famous" as an aspiration, translates for me into "If i were reasonably well-known!" I've never wished for fame and glory in the glossy magazine sense. I'd be too worried about how I looked or whether people liked me, what they thought of me. I like my privacy and I like retreating into my own comfortable, safe world. But I would like to be famous for my words or my work and I have two scenarios:

Scenario A: Marian Keyes Model
I'd be a best-selling, well-respected serious author - giving talks, travelling to book-signings, going to the occasional launch or arts party, meeting more famous people now and again. People wouldn't recognise me in public unless they were true fans. I'd make a good living through writing, with enough time to do other interesting projects and enough money in the bank to have no major financial issues.

Scenario B: Academically famous
My name and works are quoted and discussed by students and colleagues in my discipline. My work would also be readily accessible to the mainstream - I'd write accessible "academic" books for my intelligent public and I'd get a steady flow of emails acknowledging my words. People would rarely recognise me in person, but they'd know my ideas. I'd a few radio interviews on Radio 4 and earn my living through sharing and developing my ideas and words.

These are my models for being famous!
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