Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Weekend Feeling

Just like lindyb28 I have that wonderful weekend feeling!

This week has been manic at work, in most days at 7am and leaving really late. On Thursday night I made the mistake of telling mr.ncot that I would go into work on Saturday again. He gave me a well deserved mini lecture on how I'd made this mistake in all my previous jobs and that I should watch my tendency to overwork. Banks are tough places and I'll get trodden on. I sort of listened. And then later he said given all the hours I'd done extra I should leave work early on Friday.

My automatic response was to disagree.

But then I started thinking. I had a meeting till 15.30 but nothing after that and there was no reason why I shouldn't leave at 4. I told all my colleagues yesterday that I was going to leave at 4 and they didn't believe me. The strange thing was that as soon as I knew I just had to last out until 4, I was absolutely wiped out all afternoon!

But I made it. I was on the tram stop at 16.15. I was very proud of myself.

I mooched around town, went to the bank to pay some bills, bought some books (Snow: Orhan Pamuk, Traumnovelle: Arthur Schnitzler, Die Rose: Robert Walser), upgraded to this Nokia 6131 phone, then sat and had a coffee, watching the world go by. AND THEN I EVEN GOT TO YOGA (of which more later!) By the time I go home I was exhausted but in a healthy way. And for the rest of the day I am going to stay in my jim jams, mooch around, go back to bed, read and write in my journal. And then later on go into town and post some more lj entries.

As I say, I love that weekend feeling! Happy Saturday one and all :-)
Tags: mr.ncot, treats, work

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