Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

This is your conscience speaking...

Today might be a record and not in a good way - 13 hours (count them) at work :-(

I arrived at 7.30 hoping to get some work done before my colleagues arrived and instead ending up losing a fight with our office safe. I could never be a bank robber - I can't crack a safe even when I have the combination :-) A client turned up for the keys to our training room and it took me 20 minutes to get into the safe to get them. Then my external trainer arrived, then I opened up the PC training room and the day just got worse from there. I did get some stuff done, but mostly fiddling around with the same powerpoint presentation that I've been writing now for 3 weeks. And so the day continued...

I had a nice lunch with my friend / mentor Jill and we talked (amongst other things) about the professional womens group that we both belong to. I'm hoping to get more involved with that this year. We also had a really good discussion about my current nightmare "challenging, make or career break" project, which really helped me :-)

I digress. The point of this post was to tell the story of my conscience. It was 8pm and I was trying to actually pack up and leave. As normal I ring home to leave a message on the answer phone for mr.ncot. Along the lines of ... yes it's late, yes I know I should have left, yes I'm leaving now....

So I start and then Alan breaks in with
A: "This is your consience speaking"
H: silence
A: Hello, are you still there?
H: (guilty pause) I'm just leaving I (interruption..)
A: What day is it ...
H: It's Friday evening
A: And where is everyone else?
H: At home but....
A: So get home and we'll order in pizza
H: We? But you're my conscience
A: oh yes, but by the time you get home, Alan will be in as well
H: So you're not Alan and he's going to be in even later than me, so I win!
A: bewildered silence
H: HA! give him my love - I'll be in 20 minutes

Confused? So was I, but he made me laugh (as always!)

Tags: mr.ncot, pwg, work

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