Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The "Stuck on a desert island" Meme

Tonight I hosted the Zurich City Book club and we travelled to a perfect desert island. I decorated the table with posters, sunglasses, sun cream and my passport!

This was the invitation:

In the midst of grey, grim, raining, drisly, snowless Zuerich, THURSDAY 18th JANUARY offers you the chance to escape to a sunny,
desert island.

The gateway to this paradise can be found at BAR MUENZ, departure time 8pm

What to pack?
You may bring 3 items with you to our desert island, and three things
- A book
- A CD
- A Luxury

We came up with some great selections, including poetry for any situation in life, classic writers such as Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde, modern bestsellers such as "We need to talk about Kevin" and "My Sister's Keeper" and some chick lit (okay, that was me!) Our musical choices were just as varied - Bach, jazz, Jodi Mitchell, Harry Potter and a new band called Fratelli, amongst others. And our luxuries? Chococlates, facial cleansing cloths, husbands, an unfillable notebook, a mobile phone and a guitar!

So my question, dear friends, is this:
What book, cd and luxury would you want if stranded on a desert island?

Tags: books, friends, meme

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