Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2005 | The Year in Pictures

2005 in pictures!

1. January: Snow!,
2. February: Kate visits,
3. April: Becs & Mark get married,
4. March: Bonn with Cecilia
5. May: My Birthday,
6. June: Alan's Birthday,
7. July Guests: Connor Family,
8. July: Brussels weekend,
9. August 12th: Chris & Jenn's Wedding,
10. August Guests 1: Gerry & Sharon,
11. August Guests 2: Helen's Parents,
12. September Guests: Sal & Amit,
13. October: Unter Engadin,
14. November: Alan's Parents come to visit,
15. November Guests: The Connor Girls,
16. December Samiclaus Schwimmen

Tags: memories
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