Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Feeling bleurgh

I can't believe I have neglected livejournal for so long. I've been wanting to write stuff all this month, but it just hasn't happened. The longer I leave it, the worse I feel, but at the same time, sometimes something has to give and at least it's only lj.

There's a few reasons I haven't been on here much. My laptop is still dead (it hasn't had a miraculous resurrection!) and I have to post from mr.ncot's computer which I don't like using. He uses an odd operating system and I also can't upload photos. I can post from work, but I don't have the time. The second reason is work. I'm still enjoying it, but I've been madly busy for weeks and I've had evening engagements (either work or semi-work) almost every evening. I'm a bit stressed at work, but trying hard at the moment to keep in under control. Plus I've just had a worse than dreadful TOTM.

I had lots of things I wanted to do today, but all I've managed is a hair cut and highlights (photo sometime) and then a sleep on the sofa. I have no energy and don't know what job to tackle next. The shops are open in Zuerich tomorrow, so will try and finish the last bits of shopping.... And then we're to see James Bond with friends :-) And next week in work I just have 3.5 days to work - We leave for Manchester at 5pm on Thursday and I cannot wait.

The posts I still want to write about are:
Samiclaus Schwimmen
Work party
Sal's visit
Tags: advent, hair, lj, travel
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