Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Yoga and feeling a bit yucky!

I'm not sure what happened tonight, but I felt a bit jangled and then yucky throughout yoga and particularly when we'd finished. I couldn't quite seem to get it all together tonight, and usually this doesn't phase me, I just get on with it. But tonight I couldn't get into the flow. We did lots of hip openers and a long inversion sequence. And by the end I felt a bit nauseous and then walking home I felt spaced and a few times like I was going to faint (so I caught a tram). I'm now warm and safe at home and feeling better, but it really was a horrible feeling. Any yoga gurus out there got any feedback? here_be_dragons?

I did talk to my teacher to let him know how I was feeling and he thought it might be to do with all the hip poses, as these sometimes cause emotions to come out. As I said to him, I always leave yoga feeling calm and serene and was a horrible change tonight.
Tags: yoga

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