Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Running on the Uetliberg | 58.51 (8.88km)

Distance: 8.88 km
Time: 58.51
Average: 6.37
Fastest: 5.03
Slowest: 6.36
Hill: 6.46 uphill running / 10.49 walking uphill
Hill walking section: 14.49 min
Calories: 593

A lovely afternoon on the Uetliberg with the late autumn sun. I had a really good run - my average pace is slower because the first 15 minutes / 1.5 km was a slow uphill walking pace. I can comfortably cruise at under 6 min per kilometre ie 5.45 as long as it's on the flat.

When I did this run a few weeks ago, my time was 61.21. Go me!
Tags: running
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