Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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Women, Leadership, Culture

The November PWG Meeting was about different cultures and the stereotyping of male and female leadership styles. The speaker was Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden from Catalyst.

Extract from pwg website:
Different Cultures, Similar Perceptions: Stereotyping of Western European Business Leaders
In collaboration with IMD, Catalyst has conducted a study and examined whether managers from ten predominantly Western European countries perceive differences in women's and men's effectiveness at key leadership behaviors. In addition to this, she will talk about managers' cultural beliefs, including their attitudes about which behaviors are most essential to overall leadership erformance.

My Notes

Misperception that female managers are risk averse

Role of silence at work and honesty at work

lack of female mentors / old boys network
lack of alternative female network

Made me want to do phd and to do more research

Story telling at work

female managers are perceived as "taking care" of staff
versus male managers who "take charge" - But this is not backed up by research

Humour "I'm the black, you must be the woman!"

2 characteristics of being a leader: "perceive reality honestly" and "say thank you"
Tags: pwg, work

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