Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 47: The Grateful One

At least once this week, I would like you to go out of your way to be grateful about something. Anything! Maybe you will take a moment to just sit and enjoy a beautiful day. Maybe you make a point of saying thank you to someone who has done something nice for you. Anything, big or small.

Then write in your journal about what it was you were grateful for, and how you expressed or lived out that gratitude. Share it with us here, if you want.

I am grateful for so many thigs and as I get older, I seem to find it easier to be thankful for even small pleasures!

I am grateful that my life here in Switzerland has reached a good period. We're happy and settled, we are both working, we have outside interests and a much better work-life balance than in London. We like the clear air, the healthy life, the swiss way of life :-) We're slowing building a more secure financial basis for our ourselves and our future.

I am so grateful to mr.ncot. We've had some rocky patches since moving here, but we never stopped loving eachother. He makes me laugh, he gives me courage, he scrubs my back in the bath, he strokes my hair and calms me down when I'm stressed or in pain. He hugs me and tells me he loves me. He's my star. I don't know what will happen inour life, but I look forward to finding out.

I am grateful that I have an interesting and challenging job, which is helping me to grow personally and professionally. I am grateful for such a great bunch of colleagues and a good boss. I am grateful that I am building professional networks outside of work, such as the professional women's group.

I am grateful for my family - real and extended - who support and visit me even though I'm here in Zurich. I love my cool parents, who have always supported me, who never say "when are you coming home?" or "When are you going to have children?". I love the fact that I'm close to my brother and sister and that we all look out for and look after each other, in different ways and at different times.

I am grateful to all my friends - long established and new, real and virtual, near and far. Living here has really made me appreciate and treasure all my relationships. I love that fact that my friends challenge me (to run and race, to speak German, to be honest, to confront my fears) and also share my history.

And I'm grateful for so many other things. I'm grateful for being a woman. I'm grateful for my strong, flexible, healthy body and for my running. I am grateful for finding and practising yoga - I hope I do yoga throughout my life. I am grateful for music and for my ipod - music keeps me sane and makes me feel alive. I am grateful for all the books that I have read and learnt from and I am thankful for all the books I still have to read! I am grateful for the freedom that I have as we wait for a family - the freedom to stay in bed at the weekend, drink tea, read books, write in my journal.

I am so grateful for the pleasures and the priviledges of the life I currently lead and I hope that we get a chance to build a different life together in the future.

Tags: journaleers, writing

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