Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Children of Men

We went to the cinema on Friday evening and this was nr.ncot's choice. It was one of the best films I have ever seen - intelligent, thought-demanding, gritty, frightening, brilliantly acted.

Set in 2027, the world is infertile, Britain alone is the last functioning "nation", immigrants are hunted down and sent to Bexhill, Britain's Guantano bay. The film starts in London - grey, grim, strangely patriotic and a bizarre mix of WW2 imagery / Orwell's 1984 / Handmaid's Tale / 28 days. And bizarrely the film also had hints of "The Truman Show."

Clive Owen (was wonderful, brilliant actor, still sexy) as the "Hero" Theo. He is a middle aged, disillusioned alcoholic at the start and we see this world through his eyes. Despite the general grimness, there are fleeting moments of humour, swearing and smiles. Religious imagery puncuates the film. The "rebels" are called "fishes", Theo helps to rescue the last miraculous women on earth. Water imagery is prevalent - water is life, freedom, rescue.

This is a blinding film which affected me deeply - from the first scene to the last. Wonderful. 10 Stars!

Guardian Review

Observer Review

edited to add
My response to gir1fromipanema's entry
what really scared me was how "possible" this future was. So many elements seem already to be in place :-( Like you, I'm still digesting the story.... I thought Clive Owen was absolutely brilliant - really human, a little bit grey, grim, sexy plus a sense of humour.... the bit with the flipflops was great. And what I thought worked really well was the touches of humanity throughout - individuals looking out for one another. Ie the guy in Bexhill who finds him a pair of trainers. Real touches of human spirit.
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