Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Running slower | 44.51 (7.21? uncalibrated)

Distance: 7.21km (but gadget is still not calibrated)
Time: 44.51
5K Time: 30.55
Average: 6.13
Fastest: 5.42
Slowest: 6.32
Hill: 7.05
Calories: 482

A slightly slower run today. My shins were really hurting at the start and running downhill was particularly difficult. But then I gradually loosened up and enjoyed myself. I tried to run at a more even pace and get a feel for the pace. Back at the warm up area I met my colleague who had left half an hour before me and how had run 13K! We stretched and now I'm eating lunch at my desk....
Tags: running
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